Solid timber doors of exceptional quality

From traditional to modern architectural statements, Mouldright has endless design options for your next project.

French Doors

French Doors provide an inexpensive solution for opening your living spaces to a courtyard or garden setting. These doors are popular and well suited to both modern and period homes.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright’s French doors can be made in both full height glass and more classical provincial styles to your specification. These doors are well sealed, offering energy efficiency and sound proofing for your home. A range of locking options and stylistic fittings are available, to ensure maximum security and aesthetics.

Pivot Doors

Mouldright’s pivot doors create a striking entrance into your home with their impressive size and sleek style. These large and heavy doors open with ease thanks to durable pivot hardware. 

Hardware + Design features:

These designer doors make a statement. Quality hardware is specifically designed for the weight of the door, allowing for ease of movement.

Mouldright can manufacture your custom pivot door in a custom width. Talk to us today about what is possible with a pivot door system.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are the perfect solution for creating seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Mouldright manufactures large and non-standard length systems, customised to your requirements. 

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright can manufacture single bi-fold systems up to 6m in length, with multiple door configurations and hardware options. Integrated screen systems, which discreetly retract into the unit’s frame, allow full length protection from insects all whilst the doors are open.

Mouldright's Bi-fold units are fitted with Centor hardware systems as standard. Centor's bi-fold componentry is renowned for it's durability and low maintenance requirements, meaning you'll spend less time maintaining your system and more time enjoying it for years to come. Mouldright offers Centor hardware in Centor's 352 stainless steel grade, a component grade which does not rust in coastal conditions and is ideal for exposed coastal developments.

Sliding Doors

A classic and affordable door system, the sliding door allows for large openings using single, double or stacking sliding door combinations, to create expansive openings.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright’s sliding door systems offer unique air sealing qualities, which improve the efficiency of your home and protect against pollen and dust. Durable hardware comes as standard. Mouldright uses it's own proprietary hardware system, which provides leading functionality and durability.

Lift Glide Doors

A Lift Glide or Lift Slide door system gives ease of movement of very large and heavy door panels. This system is often used in designs that call for the concept of sliding the whole wall away. These units are ideally suited to opening up large expanses of wall to create uninterrupted views open or closed to the environment, no matter what the weather.

Hardware + Design features:
The design of this door system allows for doors with very large double glazed units that weigh hundreds of kilograms to glide effortlessly and safely. The concept involves a handle which effortlessly lifts the door while moving, coming to rest on the track when the handle is released.

Many combinations of multiple sliding and stacking doors are available. Mouldright utilises German hardware systems by Hautau and GU in all of our lift glide products. These systems are supplied and supported locally, and their exceptional quality ensures that they will offer durability and ease of use well into the future.

Single Doors

Single doors in many designs are available.

  • Timber framed full height glass doors, contemporary solid timber and glass doors to suit your design
  • Victorian panel doors with traditional mouldings, replication of Heritage designs.
  • French provincial and country style doors.
  • Interior doors with timber panel and glass details.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright’s single doors are supplied with and without door frames. All door frames are fitted with weather and sound proofing seals.


Create interesting entry to your garden and courtyard through

  • Traditional arched gates
  • Portal gates
  • Ledge and Brace

Hardware + Design features:
In addition to traditional gates Mouldright produces gates to your individual design requirements.

Our skilled team will craft a functional and durable door to your custom specification.

We offer a wide range of timber choices.

Screen doors to complement.

Quality hardware for maintenance free long lasting results.


Mouldright's focus is on delivering products that