Mouldright Joinery manufactures energy efficient timber windows to your dimensions.

Endless design options

Picture Windows

Picture windows consist of large expanses of glass in a fixed frame. They are the perfect way to frame a view, bathe the interior in natural light and bring warmth to a space where ventilation is not required.

Hardware + Design features:
These units are often seen framing an expansive view or a quiet garden scene. Size is only limited by the glazing safety codes. Surrounding timber frames can be manufactured with deep reveals to create a wide window ledge.

Awning Windows

The opening sash is hinged at the top of the window allowing ventilation from below and to the sides.

Hardware + Design features:
Suitable for situations requiring limited ventilation. Used on their own or in combination with a fixed glass panel. Usually fitted with chain winders and an internal fly screen.

Casement Windows

Mouldright's casement window, with its side hinged sash, allows for maximised ventillation. This design is Ideal for letting in a cool or refreshing breeze. 

Hardware + Design features:
These windows can be fitted on their own with a single fixed glass panel, or can be done with a fitted chain winder and internal flyscreen.

When fitted with 'Truth' casement winders, these casement windows can be opened without the need to remove the internal flyscreen. 

Sliding Windows

Single or double sashs on a sliding track system that open and close without compromising thermal and sound insulation.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldrights design features include durable roller track systems and unique air seals. Matching internal sliding timber screens come as a standard feature. Lockable sash catches are available.

Bi-fold Windows

Bi-Fold windows are the perfect solution for creating seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Integrating a bathroom with a courtyard garden, or creating a practical servery opening between the kitchen and the deck, are just two of many applications.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright uses Centor hardware systems. A retractable screen can be integrated into the system.

Traditional Double Hung Windows

Timber double hung windows are an integral part of Victorian architecture. Movement of a top and bottom sash allow openings that facilitate a circular flow of air into the room. Window systems often incorporate fixed sashes in the centre with openable sashes to each side, and can be laid out to form a bay window.

Hardware + Design:
Replicating traditional designs and profiles is regular design feature of our double hung windows. Mouldright produces traditional weights and cords windows as well as our own proprietary counterbalanced system. The counterbalance system is specifically designed to incorporate the weight of double glazing creating an effort less movement. Traditional brass sash-lifts and catches are available as well as more contemporary lockable hardware.

Sashless Double Hung Windows

Mouldright offers two products to suit contemporary architecture.

  • Sash-less units with aluminium guides built into a timber surround frame.

Hardware + Design features:
These products offer the functionality of the double hung window with modern clean lines.

Mouldright's sashless window incorporates the Aneeta sashless solution.  

Curved and Arched Windows and Highlights

Openable and fixed windows with arched heads and circular shapes offer an added design feature to both contemporary and traditional window styles.

Hardware + Design features:
Mouldright can incorporate arched heads into most of its window styles, as well as adding highlight arches to its Victorian and French door frames. Glazing bar designs are an added feature of these arched products.


All our windows meet the relevant Australian manufacturing standards and building codes. All of our windows comply with AS 2047, AS 1288.06 and AS 1604.1

To enhance the functionality and beauty of your windows we offer many glazing options. Refer to the Glazing Guide for more details. 

Fly screens can be made as an elegant matching timber screen or aluminium screen.


Mouldright's focus is on delivering products that